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MODEX is a leading trade show for supply chain, manufacturing and distribution industries. It is easy to get caught up in the primary business purpose of tradeshow like MODEX, which primarily is to make new business connections and to see everything new & innovative in our industry. This was also our purpose to participate at the MODEX show. We introduced our services, company references and capabilities but also our unique technological robot - ARTUR Evo III. Our robot fascinated all attendees the same as the installations of shuttle racking systems.

ARTUR Evo III Is developed in-house by our research specialist team. The unique technological robot allows accurate rack measurement and data evaluation within seconds. It measures rail accuracy in racking systems, e.g., whether the tested parameters are within tolerance. This unique technology is not available to anywhere except to our clients.

On March 6th we landed in Atlanta and first steps were to the registration hall at MODEX to start the construction of our booth. Preparations took us two days. We appreciate all the support we received from the MODEX team.

We enjoyed meeting face to face with our current and potential business partners, seeing new solutions being introduced in the industry and added a few of our company’s capabilities into the mix.

Thank you to everyone who attended our booth #5290 at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta. If you did not get a chance to meet us personally, reach out to us via our website www.montazebroz.com or social media.

The MODEX 2020 exhibition is a key event for our industry globally. During this time when we are building our presence on the North America, we are honoured we could have met some new potential business partners that we can continue our conversations with. If you did not get a chance to meet us, drop us a note on contact@montazebroz.com.

Jiri Broz

President & CEO, Montaze Broz

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