Purpose dedicated coaching and training technical center


Work safety is vital for our work. All our workers are fully qualified, trained, hold the appropriate certifications and documentation, have passed related courses and been appropriately registered in the related countries before being allocated to a project.


BRP Services

We have a partnership with a specialized training and educational technical center – BRP Services. Operating since 2015, we offer course participants mandatory occupational health and safety training, mechanization courses, training of binders and crane operators, rescuing employees from crises when working at heights and a clerk driver’s course.


BRP Services is leading the mandatory occupational health and safety training, mechanization courses, training of binders and crane operators, workers in heights, EVAQHub® system and company driver training. The required certification can thus be obtained in one place, efficiently, without the need for further travel. The courses have a given syllabus, but can be adapted according to the client’s requirements and project specifications.


Training facility

BRP Services runs a well equipped training facility including new plant machinery, several different racking systems, WAH polygon, to provide a wide range of training focused on each segment of the assembly sector.

Courses overview

OHS and Fire Protection Training

Hoist & Slinger Training

Forklift Truck – FLT

Rescue from Heights – EVAQHub® System

Mobile Elevated Working Platform – MEWP

Company Driver Training

Teleskopic Manipulator – TH

Our employees’ certifications are valid across all EU countries, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, North America and Australia.

All above courses are executed based on a given syllabus consisting of additional relevant information such as responsibilities at work, policies procedures, accidents and risk prevention, general on site behavior, etc.


Our goal is to maintain the high quality of occupational safety and risk prevention on construction sites by preparing our workers in depth theoretically and practically for their day to day job.


Experienced trainers

By providing our workers with practical courses with experienced trainers, we help them foresee and prepare for situations that may occur.