The year 2022 marked another successful milestone

The year 2022 marked another successful milestone in our company’s 30-year history. During last year, we were able to reinforce our position in the European market and expand our offices globally, which is a testament to our growth and development.

Working collaboratively, we achieved both small and large successes. Particularly, we are proud to mention two crucial projects in Indianapolis, USA, and Brisbane, Australia, Those projects moved us forward in order to archive our future goals. Additionally, we have secured significant contracts in Poland and Germany, as well as notable European projects in Sweden, Finland, Austria, France, Belgium, and England.

We also anticipate a promising year ahead, based on our project charts. Notably, the majority of our installed racking is of the shuttle type, followed by miniload, with mezzanine being the third most popular type of rack.

In summary, 2022 was a year of success and growth for our company. We remain committed to providing exceptional service and expanding our reach in the years to come.

The following chart illustrates the number of hours worked on projects in the year 2022, which exhibits an upward trend. Despite this positive development, we acknowledge that 2022 was a challenging year for us. The global pandemic and ongoing conflict in Ukraine affected our projects in numerous ways. Nevertheless, the collective efforts of our team allowed us to set new standards, improve our services, and enhance our competitiveness.

We extend our sincere gratitude to our employees for their hard work and dedication during this challenging time. Each team member plays an essential role, and we are confident that only through our joint efforts can we overcome future obstacles.

Our company continues to expand, and we are delighted to have welcomed many new colleagues to our offices and sites worldwide. In 2023, we will complete our new office building in Pardubice Višňovka and expand our Technical Training Centre in Pravy with new halls, further enhancing our services.

Having established successful offices in the USA and Australia, Montáže Brož has ambitious plans for future expansion. We are committed to being strategic and reliable partners to our customers, outperforming our competitors in every way.

As we enter the fourth decade of our company’s history, we eagerly anticipate new challenges and opportunities ahead.