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Project Inditex Zara Home included two racking systems that where about 150 meters far from each other. It was an order for a world leader in the fashion industry.

A smaller beam-type mini-load silo was a traditional construction that we had installed several times before. 25 workers worked on that construction site. It was the next stage of an already existing warehouse and it was necessary to connect both systems. 

Silo pallet rack was a unique construction for all the workers who contributed to its execution. It was not so large but what is fascinating about it is the fact it was almost 42 meters high and thus became one of the highest projects in Spain

The total of 35 workers worked on that construction site. The project was also connected with the existing warehouse which due to the height of the system, placed great demands on the measurement of the entire system.

Warehouse systemSilo beam type miniloadSilo pallet rack
CityCabanillas del Campo
Year of installation2017/2018
Number of hours39 000
Number of workers60
Weight in tonnes394 t967 t
Technical data (w x h x d)48 m x 21 m x 53 m120 m x 41,3  x 22,5 m

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