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#65 Philpp Öttl MOTO GP

The first time Montáže Brož supported us was at the Grand Prix in Brno 2017. Montáže Brož became one of our partners/sponsors.

Our team and Philipp Oettl go as far back as 2010. We have been racing in the 125 ccm category at the German championship. In 2012, we moved on to Moto 3 and started participating at the Spanish championship. In 2013, we began our cooperation with Interwetten at the world championship. Since 2016, we have been competing as a separate team.

Last year, we reached 10th place in the overall standings. This season, we have been aiming higher so that we can move on to Moto2 in 2019.

  • Philpp Öttl

Parent Project

Our company has been supporting the organization for 10 years (since 2008) via the event O pohár starosty obce Rohovladova Běla (The Mayor of Rohovládova Bělá’s Cup) held by local firemen – the entire revenue from the event goes to the Parent Project.

Moreover, we have been supporting the Parent Project by sending high amounts since 2013 to buy equipment for Jozef Suchý and Adam Peška, two kids suffering from DMD, as well as events organized by the association – “Fathers out with DMD Children” and an integrated Boccia tournament.

#12 Filip Salač

The young, promising racer Filip Salač has been supported by us since 2014.  He started his racing career in 2004. His biggest success so far has been at the 2016 Best rookie RBRC. Filip Salač participates in two championships – the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and the FIM CEV Repsol series, class Moto 3.

  • Filip Salač
  • Filip Salač

#22 Ondřej Klymčiw DAKAR

The Klymčiw Racing Team was founded in 2015 by the motorcycle racer Ondřej Klymčiw, who specializes in long distance rally.

The best part of the season always comes with the world’s most difficult race – the Dakar Rally. In 2017, Ondřej managed to finish this race 11th among the best racers. 

After his major fall in the 3rd part of the Dakar Rally, the current season is going to mean a big comeback. Ondřej is up for a lot of work and hard training, but he will do his best, supported among others by Montáže Brož for four years now.

  • Ondřej Klymičiw Dakar 2018
  • Ondřej Klymičiw Dakar 2018
  • Ondřej Klymičiw Dakar 2018

#66 Jiří Brož

We support #66 Jiří Brož, the owner and director of our company.

Racer #66 Jiří Brož has achieved a number of successes in motorcycle racing. He started his racing career in 2001.

He is a two-times champion of the Czech Republic in the SuperSport class and multiple times winner of the legendary race “300 zatáček Gustava Havla v Hořicích”, which takes place at the natural circuit in Hořice.

This year, #66 Jiří Brož will be competing in the Czech championship and AlpeAdria championship in the SuperBike class, riding Yamaha R1.

  • Jiří Brož
  • Jiří Brož