Upravit stránku

Work safety is vital for us

All our workers are fully qualified, trained, hold the appropriate certifications and documentation, have passed related courses and been appropriately registered in the related countries.

List of courses passed by our employees 

  • Occupational Health/Safety/Environmental at work
  • Accidents, causes, risks and prevention
  • Awareness of electrical appliances, on-site cable management                                                                                                                 
  • Reporting (accidents, incidents near-miss reports)                 
  • Application of general safety regulations
  • Responsibilities at work                                                 
  • Policies/work procedures                                                           
  • Heavy plant operating, maintenance and risk assessment
  • Occupational health                                                                   
  •  Fire safety (fire precautions, hot work regulations, permits)
  •  Chemical substances (precautions, handling, storage)
  •  First aid (general knowledge and safety procedures)
  •  Method statement compliance
  •  General on-site behaviour                                                        
  •  Evacuation procedures
  • Work at height and activities above 4ft
  • Scissor lift operator according to IPAF directive (International Power Access Federation)  
  • Forklift truck operator
  • Telehandler operator
  • Still work handling and key installation procedures
  • Rescue from height
  • Safety net installation

Achieving above certificates is up to the standards of international safety regulations, HSE, EHS, OHS, OSHA, HSWA, WHS regulation while complying with the Law of individual state and ISO for still work assembly. 

Accident preventive system at height
Certificate of training from work in heights and fire protection
Certificate of training on Reach Lift Truck
Health and Safety Awereness Level 1
Supervisory skills certificate

Training Center Pravy

As our company participates in the largest projects and is constantly hired by companies worldwide, it is crucial to keep the highest standards possible regarding occupational Health and Safety at work.

Montaze Broz has built brand new training facilities including new plant machinery, several different racking systems, WAH polygon, to provide a wide range of training focused on each segment of our activities.