Upravit stránku

We are looking for manpower for our team to perform measurements for rack systems and assemblies in EU countries.

What Can You Expect from Us?

  • Work throughout the season, mainly in Western European countries,
  • Work with high-quality devices, professional training courses,
  • Administrative and logistical support,
  • Accommodation and transportation costs are covered by the company,
  • Possible professional growth,

What Would Assembly Operations Involve for You?

  • Usual rack system assembler work,
  • Measurement of racks according to drawing documentation,
  • Pinpointing, measurement of angles and lengths,
  • Check measurement, reporting,
  • Knowledge of work at heights is advantageous.
  • Leica total station
  • Sprinter digital levelling device
  • Measurer position

What Do We Require?

  • Experience with digital measurement equipment (levelling device, surveyor’s transit, total station),
  • Self-reliance,
  • Technical and logical thinking,
  • Sense for teamwork,
  • Clean criminal record,
  • No debts,
  • General knowledge of drawing documentation,
  • Working with DWG browser.

What Is Advantageous When Applying?

  • Technical vocational certificate or secondary education is advantageous.
  • Knowledge of English/German/French or Spanish is advantageous.
  • Knowledge of rack system assembly work procedures.

What Else Do You Get?

  • High salary, paid on the 13th day of each month

    As one of the largest companies in the rack system assembly field, we are a reliable employer.

    We send payment to your account on the 13th day of each month.

  • Bonus system for construction workers

    We appreciate when workers are hard-working, loyal, punctual and forthcoming – we go out of our way to reward them beyond the arranged salary.

    This is a part of a motivational loyalty program aimed at all hard-workers – assemblers at construction sites who have been successfully working for three years.

  • Stable work and free time schedule for entire year
    We are more than successful on the international market. We offer our employees a guarantee of workload throughout the entire year on multiple underway projects.  Our contracts are always arranged for at least a year in advance.
  • Working with the latest equipment and technology

    We develop our own devices and technologies.

    We work with modern and high-quality tools made by Hilty, Makita, Leica, Nedo.

    We own and rent high-end machinery made by Riwal, Statech, TVH, Boels, Ramirent Naboen, Stabel.

  • Transportation and accommodation fully provided

    We will arrange comfortable accommodation for you, plan travel paths and provide transportation via our own vehicles or air transport. We can connect you with drivers or electronically forward the information about your flights. We arrange transportation from airports to the places of accommodation at project sites,
    as well as a daily shuttle service between the construction site and the place of accommodation.

    For projects abroad, we rent fully furnished houses, including (if at all possible) Wi-Fi connectivity to allow you to communicate with your family. We always try to arrange accommodation as close to the construction site and as high-quality as possible.

  • We handle any necessary documentation, registration etc
    Prior to your departure for a project, our team reliably handles for you, as well as any and all documentation and mandatory registration, passes and permits for the country in question.

Have we got your attention?

If the answer is yes, just fill in the form and add your CV. If you meet your requirements, we will invite you for a job interview.