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Montáže Brož
Health Safety and Environment Protection Policy 

Montaze Broz is a leading provider of technologically advanced racking systems installation services with over 30 years of experience in this industry.

We install automated racking and loading systems in the largest distribution centers capitalizing on years of experience, hundreds of skilled and trained installation workers using the state of the art material moving equipment, power tools, and surveying tools. In order to comfort our employees and customers of our utmost attention to work safety, the senior management of Montaze Broz issues the following H&S policy.

  1. Meeting our customers‘ and employees‘ expectations for assuring the utmost work safe environment is our priority.

  2. The Company applies all available resources to assure work quality, environment protection, and a safe workplace for all involved personnel.

  3. We carefully select and manage vendors and other business partners who follow our path on safe work, service quality, and environmental protection.

  4.  We systematically strive for bettering the skill level of our employees, their qualifications, and motivation including achieving the best in industry working conditions.

  5.  We comply with legal systems in the countries where we operate.

  6. We engage our employees and business partners in striving for the utmost service quality, protection of the environment, and safe work themselves and other cooperators.

  7. We work towards minimalizing negative impacts on work safety and the environment that might come from our installation activities and that way we continuously improve our work safety and environmental protection profile.

  8. Continuous improvement in all areas of our business is a backbone for addressing our obligations in the areas of work safety, environment protection, social responsibility, and customer satisfaction.

  9. While working with our business partners we expect of them the same approach to work safety, business ethics, environment protection, and quality areas that we practice. In doing so we also work closely with state authorities to achieve the same objectives.

  10. We actively communicate and engage our employees in an active approach to creating a safe workplace and sustainable environment.

In Pardubice on May 1, 2021
Jiří Brož


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