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We have been on the market for 30 years and, in the course of that time, we have evolved into a worldwide leader in installations of automated racking systems for supranational manufacturers.

We are a strong company with a firm structure from the top management through the heads of the individual departments, project managers and heads of our branches to experienced supervisors, site officers, measuring technologists, team leaders and assemblers. We are seated in Pardubice, Czech Republic, with branches in Australia, the Middle East and the United States. We have over 400 employees all over the world, and this capacity may be doubled in case of need.

„We want to continue to be an in demand, preferred and reliable partner on global markets. We want to maintain a high quality standard in all our services with the added value of the flexibility and enthusiasm of our staff. This is why supranational companies opt for us.“
Jiří Brož

President & CEO of Montáže Brož s. r. o.

Careful and timely completion are the standard for every order

None of our projects commence on the start date of on-site construction. All of them begin well in advance in our offices where we carefully plan and prepare everything to ensure we can complete the project in a quality and timely manner

We assure complete construction mechanization on site (cranes, forklifts, platforms, telehandlers). We have established long-term cooperation with the following partners: Riwal, Statech, TVH, Boels, Ramirent, Naboen, Stabel.

We honour and always comply with

  • schedules,
  • high quality standards,
  • flexibility,
  • occupational safety and environment protection,
  • corporate insurance with and insured sum of EUR 2 milion in case of potential damage

We build our own modern facilities

Take a look at our major investment project at the Pravy Technology Centre. These modern technological premises will provide comfortable facilities for warehouse management, road transport, mechanisation and locksmith's workshops, training installations and development activities.

We improve our technologies

We continue working on the development of our own measuring system. We have implemented it for the measurement of all our constructed shuttle systems in 2017, including one in Dubai. If development of the previous models could be seen as evolutionary, then the new model will certainly be revolutionary!

In addition to the development of these systems, we further work on the improvement of racking measurement methods and particularly on the utilisation of a digital measurement system offered by nearly all of our total stations and levelling instrumentation.

Our measurement research and development team employs more than 12 measurement technicians in the field working on projects and using our in-house measurement methodology pursuant to the FEM standard.

Our manufacturing department innovates, develops and produces our own instruments, such as a laying device for easier and more effective work with the chipboards.

We are a team / Gallery

Inside the Company we devote time to the adaptation, continuous improvement, education and development, and mutual sharing of practical experience as a learning organisation. We hold several friendly meetings a year, team-building sessions and training courses for our employees.


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